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Meet Amber

I was born in the Twin Cities the oldest of 5 children. Raised in Blaine, Minnesota by my single Mother who put us children before everything. The man I call my Father, didn't have to choose to raise me, but he did, he helped to to make me the strong woman I am today. My 3 adult siblings enlisted in the Navy, after high school to serve our country, My youngest sister is still attending High School, and I am sure will go onto accomplish great things. I chose a different path, I went on to have 5 children of my own, started my own consulting firm, and then entered the Healthcare field 3 years ago. My family and I moved to Pepin, Wisconsin for better education and a safer environment. In the years I have been here, my community has been amazing, we are family. That is something you won't find in other parts of the Midwest. We need to preserve the values that are unique to Wisconsin, this community is worth fighting for.  

In 2021 my family was told by our family physician that we were not welcome to continue our healthcare with her, due to us not taking the experimental vaccine.  My eldest daughter contracted Lyme's disease that year, unknown to us. Every place we went we were constantly pushed to get her vaccinated in order to diagnose and treat her. We were finally able to get a diagnosis in July 2021 after months of trying to get her in, and figure out what was wrong with her. No family or parent should have to be put in the position we were in, where healthcare may not be an option. We constantly hear "your body, your choice", but as the last two years played out we know that is no longer the case, the government has taken your healthcare rights away from  you. This power cannot fall to our government, we have to stand up for our freedoms and rights.  

In 2022 I decided to pull my children from public school to start homeschooling, as the current circumstances were not ideal for the continued education of them. My children were sick of the missed days in school, the feeling of falling behind in their studies, and the distance learning that was ineffective. It has not been an easy road to take, but it has been a rewarding one thus far. Our children and their future are essential to the future success of our country. 

I am running for State Senate of District 31 to represent you and your needs, to be the voice of the public and do what is just and right. We don't need more career politicians in office we need one of us. 

Amber Provance for Wisconsin State Senate
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