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For the past two years I have been fighting as a patriot for:

Body Autonomy

Freedom from the government mandates. We need to ensure that this outrageous government overreach can never happen to our future generations. 

Freedom of Education

Open enrollment, where the the money follows the student. No more Critical Race Theory or Gender Affirmations, somethings do not belong in our schools. Our children should be allowed to be children, it is our job to protect them. 

Backing our Blue

Our police need better resources to be able to competently do the job they were hired for. More mental health assistance, better training, more recruitment for better fitting peace officers. The current system is broken, we see cops getting killed, or cops killing innocent citizens. They should not be defunded as the left has proclaimed but given better tools to be more competent, safe, and healthy in the job we absolutely need them for.

Election Integrity

Abolish the Wisconsin Election Commission. Out law the use of voting machines. Ensuring our elections are not bought off by outside millionaires, or ballot harvesting. Safe, Secure and Ethical elections! 

Term Limits

Two terms per a political position. We need to limit career politicians, and the  government, the power of our country needs to be in the hands of our citizens. The citizens should have the power to promote politicians that are succeeding in their duties and fire politicians that not performing the jobs they were elected to do. As a politician you answer to your constituents.    

Amber Provance for Wisconsin State Senate
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